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Enjoy the truly Authentic Irish Experiance at Sally O'Rourke's

Sally O'Rourke originally from Leitrim, ran an old Irish bar in the early 1900's. She was an Irish lady with dark eyes whose husband was lost in the great war. Some suspected she was a descendant from a Spanish sailor whose vessel was washed ashore in the 16th century as the Spanish Armada sailed home. She was always sitting at the bar talking with locals while her two sons ran the bar and her only daughter waited the tables. The bar was always full of Irish men and women drinking Guinness happy to pick up one of the many instruments lying around and string together an old folk song.

Sally O'Rourke was a family women and a valued member of the community. Sally Rourke (owner the bar) was born in Dun Laoghaire in the 1960's. The family surname lost the 'O' a few generations ago. She has created this bar to pay homage to the great Sally O'Rourke whom she and now the bar was named after.

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Jose Luis Fowler

Chef since 1982

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I first worked in a commercial kitchen in Madrid in 1982, then embarked on a I.T. Career for the next 30 years. After moving to New Zealand over 16 years ago, I missed my days in the kitchen. We first created a Catering Company and then my true passion - Sally O'Rourke's

- José Luis Fowler